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Dr. Abdelkérim Ousman

Dr. Abdelkérim Ousman was born and raised in Abéché, Republic of Chad. The city of Abéché is contiguous to the region of Darfur. He graduated from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in 1988, with a Bachelor in Political Science. In 1990, he completed an M.A in Political Science at UQAM, and in 1996, he obtained his Ph.D. degree from Carleton University in Political Science.

After the completion of his Ph.D. dissertation in 1996, he worked as a research associate with Tele-université, Université du Québec, where he conducted research on public utility industries - in particular the telecommunications sector. From 1996 to the present, he is still involved in research in the New Economy at UQAM.

In 1996, he joined Environment Canada as a Science & Technology Policy Advisor. From 1996 to 2001, he held several other positions within the Government of Canada: Senior Policy Advisor (HRDC), Commercialization Officer (DFO) and Policy Analyst (NRCan).

Dr. Ousman has written and presented papers and lectured in International Relations, History of Science, Science and Technology Policy, Canadian Defence Policy and Political Theory.

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